How Daily Money Management Services Can Help Veterans of All Ages

Barbara knows from her experience helping her brother Eugene, a Vietnam veteran, just how difficult it can be for veterans to handle all the day-to-day financial and healthcare issues that are bound to develop. That’s why she’s available to help clients make sure all the details are properly addressed. Daily Money Manager Services for Veterans and their family members is important to relieve the stresses in their lives and allow them to live life to its fullest. Being a Daily Money Manager having resources within the large VA system to assist in getting through the tons of paperwork is one of the ways Barbara can assist veterans. Her social work and counseling background have been invaluable in helping coordinate resources for clients who may need referrals for emotional support in addition to financial organization.

The range of services Barbara offers is a great way to start, but keep in mind that since every person is unique, her strategies are tailored to each client’s individual requirements. As part of her Daily Money Manager services, Barbara offers:

  • Bill paying. That doesn’t simply mean making out checks for a client to sign, but also dealing with incorrect billings and other problems that develop.
  • Preparing and delivering bank deposits. While automatic deposits are routine, many clients will have other income that must be deposited and reconciled.
  • Organizing documents necessary for taxes and other paperwork. Organizing and properly filing paperwork for taxes makes quarterly and year-end tax filings much simpler and more accurate.
  • Negotiating with creditors. While not always an issue, problems with creditors do occur, and Barbara has the experience needed to ensure her clients are treated fairly.
  • Deciphering medical and other insurance documents to verify claims are properly processed and paid.
  • General organizational assistance. It’s easy for older clients to let things go. Barbara’s organizational skills will ensure things are neatly filed or stored as needed.
  • Providing referrals to legal, tax, and investment professionals. Barbara has developed a broad network of support professionals commonly needed by veteran clients.
  • Guidance to prevent financial abuse and identity theft. Older clients are often targeted by individuals who see them as being vulnerable. Barbara knows the signs to look for to help her clients avoid scams.
  • Referrals to service providers necessary when clients need to relocate. When downsizing, or if health issues require relocating, Barbara’s contacts are available to provide the guidance needed to make any move go smoothly.
  • Of course, other issues can arise, and Barbara will be there to make sure her clients have access to professionals who understand their needs.

Barbara truly cares about her clients and is determined to see they are treated with respect and dignity. To start developing a strategy to make sure that happens, get in touch with her today.