Professional Service Providers Make Life Easier

Dealing with senior clients presents unique challenges. Aging itself is difficult to deal with, but when the process becomes complicated by complex health and financial issues, senior clients may become confused and uncertain when discussing their circumstances.

At some point, the need for additional help becomes obvious, and when that time comes, it’s important to allow experts at dealing with senior clients work out the issues. Finding someone who understands the complexities surrounding the issues facing today’s aging population and who has developed strategies to ensure those issues are resolved is crucial.

While no one person has the expertise to deal with every potential challenge, Barbara has aligned her services with other providers to deal with virtually every issue a senior may be facing.

While many issues revolve around health care, the myriad financial problems that just about everyo

  • CPAs and tax accounting professionals are readily available to determine the best course of action to deal with immediate financial concerns, but also to plan strategies for handling future issues.
  • Attorneys for estate planning are at hand to provide initial planning or revise plans as needs and conditions evolve.
  • Financial advisors work closely with the client to ensure investment strategies are in line with the client’s needs.
  • In-home health care needs are a reality for many senior clients, and we have associates dedicated to determining a client’s actual needs and providing a plan to deal with those needs while allowing the client to lead the fullest life possible.
  • Nutritional Help is a must for senior clients, as many simply don’t enjoy a diet that includes the nutrients they needed to remain as healthy as possible.
  • Senior movers understand how difficult it can be for their clients to be uprooted from a long-standing home. That’s why Barbara gathered a list of trusted providers to delicately handle any situation that arises.
  • Organizers are a must for many senior clients as they simply don’t have the ability to wade through belongings to determine what should stay and what should be disposed of in some way.
  • Realtors provide valuable services for senior clients needing to relocate or deal with investment properties.
  • Appraisals are often a requirement when establishing trusts, selling real estate or other property, or simply determining the value of assets.
  • Insurance agents must be part of the senior client’s team to make sure all property is properly protected.
  • Bankers are also a necessary part of the team, especially when complex financial issues are present.

Professional Service Providers have access to a wide range of allied professionals to handle the many needs presented by senior clients. Of course, having a Daily Money Manager is important, but life also requires the help of a team to deal with aging clients and their many needs.