What happens after I call a Daily Money Manager?

Published on 5/7/2020:
Mon, 17 Aug 2015


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When someone initially contacts me to request information about my services, I discuss what I do as a Daily Money manager (DMM) and ask if they would like to meet with me to discuss their specific situation.

Usually I meet with prospective clients in their home or other residence (assisted living facility).
which usually takes about one hour, although this may be extended if there are other family members.

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Since the initial meeting is more about getting to know one another, I don't do a detailed assessment. 

. I ask about the current services received, such as Meals on Wheels, medical care and the client’s ability to make decisions on their own.

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Once I obtain this information, I describe the scope of services I offer. If this meets with approval from the client and it seems like we can work together, we schedule a follow up meeting to begin.

Discussing financial matters can be very uncomfortable for many people, especially doing so with strangers! It is with this understanding that I offer the free initial consultation so that no one feels obligated to work with me until they have met me in person.
Case Study #1

One of my first clients was a single woman in her early 80s who needed assistance with her telephone. It seemed that she wasn’t able to get a dial tone and was getting upset and making frequent calls to the apartment manager. It turned out that she was suffering from early dementia and her short term memory was impaired.

Her phone had been turned off because she hadn’t paid her bill in 4 months. Once I contacted the phone company and requested automatic bill pay it was resolved, however she still needed help with maintaining her checking and savings accounts.

I met with her 2-3x a month for approximately 20 months and assisted with bill paying and financial organization. Her
POA finally moved out of the apartment to live in a facility closer to her remaining family members.

Case Study #2

I was called in to meet with a 63 year old woman with financial organization problems and who also struggled with mental health issues. A Geriatric care manager was working with her but found it too difficult. I met with this client for several sessions, and assisted her with some organization of her paperwork. She felt that was all she could manage at that time, so we ended with the understanding she could contact me another time.

These are just two of the wide variety of clients I’ve seen over the past 4 years.

It’s been truly rewarding to offer Daily money management services to older adults and veterans.

Money managers are needed by many people in the general population as well, but by narrowing the list of clients I work with, I am able to provide the highest level of quality service to them and their families!

Providing services as a Daily Money manager and Founder of Mary’s Daughter LLC is how I honor my mother and her legacy of service to others.