Take a Break to Refresh and Renew

August 26, 2019
Barbara Boustead

The days have flown by quickly this summer!

I began reflecting on how much I enjoyed some much-needed time away in July and August, traveling to wonderful places like Seattle, New York, Minnesota and even around Wisconsin.

I decided that instead of diving into new projects or doing a final push on existing projects in September, I will extend my summer schedule for a little while longer. One trip I’m looking forward to is driving to Grand Marais, Minnesota with a stop in the Upper Peninsula to go hiking for a few days.


My family is also very excited about the arrival of our first grandchild this fall and will be traveling to be with him and his parents in October.

For business owners and entrepreneurs, it’s important to take time away from our work. There’s no doubt that we’re passionate about what we do. We work exceptionally hard for our clients and customers, and that’s not including the many hours spent networking or attending workshops and seminars!

But unfortunately, our work sometimes becomes the priority over our friends, families and even ourselves. We simply can’t sustain that for very long before burnout sets in. We aren’t doing anyone any favors by not taking the time we need to care of ourselves.

By taking time off, we allow ourselves to become re-energized and refreshed.  This is needed in order to function at our most optimal levels.

I know it’s not easy to walk away, even for a few days; especially when we have an ever-growing to-do list and never-ending ideas and plans, but it’s important to do so if we want to serve our clients and customers for the long term!

What’s made it (much!) easier for me to take the time I need is one simple word … delegate!

I’ve had the pleasure of working with a local virtual assistant firm for the past few years (Rescue Desk, LLC), and they’ve been instrumental in helping me off-load some of the routine work that needs to get done to keep Mary’s Daughter running smoothly.

In addition, they’ve been there to not only keep track of projects, but also hold me accountable to all the goals I’ve laid out for myself and my business in the near AND long term!

By enlisting a great support team to help you manage the operational, marketing and administrative work of your business, you will have more time to focus on the high-level work of running a business and serving your clients.

How do you practice self-care? Are there any tips you can share to help others who find it difficult to get time away from work?

Barbara Boustead is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Daily Money Manager. She is the Founder of Mary's Daughter LLC and provides daily money management services to older adults and veterans who need assistance with their financial organization and bill paying. She can be reached at barbara@marysdaughterllc.com or (608) 515-4083.