Our response to COVID-19


As we are all acutely aware, we’re in the midst of some very uncertain and unsettling times.

Almost everyone has been deeply impacted by the current pandemic crisis.

However, one thing is certain - my unwavering dedication and commitment to serve clients and their families.

I will continue to provide the much-needed money management services my clients need. But in order to keep everyone safe, I have made several important operational changes which include working remotely and physical distancing.

As we navigate our current circumstances, please know that I am available to provide tips, guidance and information in dealing with day-to-day financial issues.  I also have a wonderful network of financial professionals who are available to consult as needed.

My mission is to use my clinical skills and financial expertise to help and support others as we weather this storm. Stay well, and please don’t hesitate to reach out if there are any questions I can answer or support I can provide!  https://www.marysdaughterllc.com/contact-us