Money Does Matter but People Matter More

Published on 5/7/2020:
Tue, 16 Aug 2016

A few years ago at a networking event, I was encouraged to create a tagline for my business. Being a concrete thinker, I came up with "a Daily Money Manager for seniors and veterans" and "Helping older adults and veterans with their money".  There were a few others that I can't even remember, which is probably a good thing!   However, there was one I really liked which was created by my fellow DMM colleague and friend, Judy Fowler. Her tagline is "Peace of Mind for your Money Matters". That nailed it for me! It became a running joke that if we were introducing ourselves in the same group, I would elect to use her tagline instead of mine.

Daily Money Managers Barbara Boustead and Judy Fowler at the Money Smart Saturday on April 25, 20[/caption]                 While working with clients on their finances, I came to understand the importance of  financial literacy, which I had taken for granted. There are many people who aren't aware of basic finances and how to manage their money. This can lead to poor decision making about money, which can have a  negative impact on their families and quality of life for many years.  

This led to my involvement with Money Smart Week, a national financial literacy campaign started in 2002 by the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago. It's an event designed to help consumers to better manage their personal finances. I became very involved with this campaign and coordinated an event at Matrix CoWorking, a wonderful coworking space that I use for my business.

  When I decided to change my tagline to  "Experienced Daily Money Manager, Promoting Financial Health and Wellness", this seemed to capture the work I was doing, but seemed too vague so I wrote an article about it explaining what I meant.   I used that tagline for awhile, but when filming a video for my website in April, I was asked to share some thoughts about my work as a daily money manager and what I felt was most important for people to know. I had a script prepared but immediately discarded it and shared from my heart.  

What is most important to me are the people, my clients and their families who depend on me to keep their finances organized so they can enjoy their lives. It was then that I created my new tagline...  

"Money Matters but People Matter More"

Financial literacy is important but it would not be as meaningful if we didn't have our families, friends and loved ones in our lives. For many of my elderly clients, their material wealth means very little. What is most valuable are the visits, cards and phone calls from adult children, grandchildren, relatives and friends.

For example, when beneficiaries don't receive what they feel they are entitled to or when families are in debt due to excessive spending and have frequent arguments about money. I'm not suggesting that people can't have fun or should stop spending money, but when spending starts to negatively impact one's relationships, that's a problem that usually gets worse over time.   

Thank you for taking time to read this article.  Do you believe that money is more important? How do you decide what to spend money on after essentials?