Daily Money Managers provide Peace of Mind during "Taxing" times

Published on 5/7/2020:
Sat, 04 Apr 2015

My colleague and fellow Daily Money Manager, Judy Fowler has a wonderful tagline, “Peace of mind for your money matters”. This is especially true for clients during tax season! One of the busiest times for Daily Money Managers is between January 31st and April 15th. This is the time that we collect and organize our clients’ tax documents to give to their tax professional for filing. The clients who complete their own tax paperwork sometimes require assistance with locating and organizing their tax forms and accompanying documents. DMMs are often able to obtain the necessary information quickly, since it is likely they have been working with the client for a period of time. When this is not the case, it may initially take more time, but once a filing system is in place, it becomes a much easier process.  

  For some clients, tax time can be very stressful, particularly for older adults who may have cognitive issues or other impairments such as hearing loss, problems with speaking over the phone or transportation issues. Many individuals are unable to meet face to face with the tax professional by themselves, and request that a DMM accompany them.

Being the liaison for my clients in this way allows them to maintain a certain level of independence while also making sure that the taxes are filed on time.

When I take care of the day to day money management issues, including getting taxes filed correctly, my clients and their familiesare able to have “peace of mind for their money matters”.     If you or someone you know is struggling with their financial organization, a Daily Money Manager may be able to help. Please go to the AADMM website for information about finding a DMM in your area.