Daily Money Managers: A helping hand with bill paying and financial matters

Published on 5/7/2020:
Mon, 05 Jun 2017
"When should I contact a daily money manager to help pay overdue bills or organize financial paperwork?" is a question I've been asked by potential clients and family members as well as other professionals.

  My answer is whenever the individual and/or their family feel they want assistance in handling the finances for either themselves or a loved one.   If there are questions and/or concerns, they can request a free  60 minute consultation where we can discuss whether daily money management services would be appropriate for them or their loved ones.   Earlier this year I had hip replacement surgery and enlisted the support of family and friends for a variety of tasks prior to surgery.  One friend took me shopping to purchase  the necessary loose fitting clothing and rehabilitative equipment I would need once I returned home.   My wonderful sister in law came from out of town and stayed for a week in order to prepare delicious meals so I wouldn't have to cook!  

I  truly believe that the care and support from family and friends helped me recover quickly and without complications. I was able to walk and drive independently just one week after the surgery.

Everyone needs a helping hand sometime... 

Some people do not have family members to help them. Or if there is family close by, they may not have the time available or the ability to take on their loved one's financial matters.  

I encourage people to remember that "everyone needs a hand sometime" and there is no reason to feel bad or ashamed when asking for help.

At some point in our lives, each of us will need some type of assistance from someone else, especially as we get older.   Individuals who are struggling with failing eyesight, physical challenges or cognitive issues should definitely have assistance  with their finances. Without adequate support, elders are especially prey to scams such as identity theft and fraud.   If you know of an older adult or veteran who might benefit from assistance with their bill paying and financial paperwork , please encourage them to contact me  for a free consultation.   I welcome your call and can be reached at 608-515-4083 or email barbara@marysdaughterllc.com