Celebrating the 4th!!

Published on 5/7/2020:
Fri, 31 Jul 2015

No, I’m not talking about July 4th.

August 1, 2015 marks the 4 year anniversary of Mary’s Daughter LLC. What an exciting journey this has been with lots of interesting twists and turns along the way!

Taking time out to celebrate one’s milestones is important especially when statistics show that many small businesses don’t make it to the 5th year!   One person I enjoy following is Michael Katz, Founder of Blue Penguin Development. He hosts an annual ice cream social to celebrate the anniversary of his business. I received an invitation because I subscribe to his e-newsletter. Wish I could attend, but he’s in Vermont so maybe another time...   For next year, I shall definitely throw a party, but for now I would like to express my deepest gratitude to my clients, family, friends and colleagues who have been so wonderfully supportive over the past four years.

My favorite memory

is the day I shared with my mom that I had incorporated my business and named it after her. I could let others know how special she was when they asked, “So why did you name your business Mary’s Daughter?

Some other memorable moments...

The first Wisconsin Women Entrepreneurs

networking breakfast and the excitement of sharing my entrepreneurial journey.

My first AADMM

 annual national conference with other Daily Money managers. It was held in Chicago in November, 2012. What an exciting time!

My first client where I realized that helping her manage her money allowed her a sense of independence and freedom! This was exactly what I had envisioned when I started Mary’s Daughter.

Seeing my first article published in the quarterly AADMM newsletter.

My first blog

post on my website!

Interview with a journalist at the  WI State Journal

 on entrepreneurship.

Being a presenter at the Black Women's Wellness Day


My first workshop with Spencer X Smith

on Teaching-Based Marketing. Meeting Tiffanie Mark, Founder of Matrix  and becoming a Matix collaborator Becoming a member of Dane Buy LocalThere have been many other “special people and great moments” over the past 4 years. I am so very thankful for all of them and the wonderful experiences I have been so fortunate to have!

I love taking time out to review the accomplishments as well as challenges of owning a business!It's also important to take time out to plan for the next year!

I am excited to announce that  over the next few weeks, there will be some updates to my website home page to make it easier to contact me. I am also developing an e-newsletter that will include interesting stories about what I do as a DMM as well as inform you about a variety of financial issues!

Thanks so much for being on this journey with me! Happy 4th!!