Celebrating 9 Years!

August 4, 2020
Barbara Boustead

Saturday, August 1 marked 9 years since I started Mary’s Daughter. When I started in 2011, I had no idea that the journey I was beginning would bring me into contact with so many amazing, wonderful people – both as clients and as colleagues! 

I wanted to honor my mother and find a way to help other people who were struggling to get their bills paid and their medical, legal, and financial documents organized. I was able to utilize my background in social work and organizational skills to launch Mary’s Daughter.

I learned that many seniors and veterans do not have someone in their corner to help them deal with the large amount of financial and medical paperwork they receive. I wanted to serve these individuals and take some of the load off their families.  Researching how I could provide these services to others led me to the American Association of Daily Money Managers (AADMM).

That is when I knew I had found my new career as a Daily Money Manager.

So, it is with heartfelt gratitude that I take this moment to say thank you to all the people who have been with me on this journey. Every single one of you has contributed to the success of Mary’s Daughter and to the legacy of my mother.