A Birthday Tribute to Our Mom - We Love You and Miss You.....

Published on:
Wed, 17 Dec 2014



December 16th is my mom's birthday. My sister, Bunny Craig sent a picture of the beautiful Christmas floral arrangement which she purchased and hung above my mother's headstone today. I feel so Blessed and full of Gratitude that she did this, and it is just one of the many, many acts of kindness and compassion my sister has demonstrated over the years she took care of my mom. As mom's primary caregiver, Bunny sacrificed much, yet continued to do everything she could to make mom's final months full of beauty! From decorating her room for each season to preparing mom's favorite foods exactly right. This lovely arrangement is perfect and is just what my mom would have wanted!     Thank you, Sis!

Finding a way to honor my mom....

For me, not having the talents of my sister, I wanted to find a way to pay tribute to what my mother meant to me and our family. Mary's Daughter LLC is the result of that effort. When I incorporated my business in 2011, I asked mom for her input on the name, logo and colors I would use. She was always so supportive of my efforts, even when she wasn't quite sure what I was doing. She said that helping older adults and their families was a good thing to do, and because my brother, a Vietnam vet, needed assistance, she encouraged me to include veterans as well. Over the past 3 years, I have enjoyed helping clients with their bills, banking, money management and organization. I love sharing with clients how my mom was the catalyst for Mary's Daughter, and how she continues to inspire me every day! Recently, I received the following testimonial from a client's family: “Barbara has been a godsend. When my Mom passed, not only did my Father lose his wife but he also lost his life’s organizer. Barbara has helped my Dad get organized in ways we couldn’t. When we contacted her, we had no idea she would be such an advocate for him, we now look at her as part of our family.Thanks for the blessing, Barbara.”

Thank you, Mom....